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[ 2014.3.6 ] Long time no update

Fall came and went, and here we are halfway through the spring semester already! Federation has passed us by, and Studio Plum continues its streak of winning Judge's Choice Awards at our festival. Congratulations! Hard work pays off.

The next step now is to prepare for Guild, which is sneaking up on us all very quickly. Super quickly. Uncomfortably quickly! Time to put our noses to the grindstone and finish off the rest of our programs!

[ 2013.8.30 ] Latest goings-on

A new semester is here! It's time to get back into the habit of practicing. I've got some things planned for this semester, one of which is, of course, a recital at the end of the calendar year. I've also got my eye on starting a group movement class. Hopefully that'll get going!



Welcome to Studio Plum on the web! Studio Plum is a private piano studio located in the Atlanta area specializing in classical music instruction for students of all ages.


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